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Chicken Scratch Embroidery

Chicken Scratch is an easy and fun type of embroidery done on gingham fabric which gives the impression of appliqued lace. Known by many names including Cross Stitch on Gingham and Snowflaking, Chicken Scratch was made popular in 1982 by Pegasus Originals, Inc. It is now becoming very popular again. We have a sample free project here for you to do as well as complete instructions and a wealth of designs available in our four books.


Chicken Scratch and Candlewicking Intsructions and free starter project.

Design Books

Chart Pack 112 - Chicken Scratch and Candlewicking - 
(and Other Nifty Kinds of Stitchin') Just re-released as a chart pack!!

  • Includes:

  • Hen in Basket, Bossie, Begging Dog, Panda, Goldfish, Mr. Field Mouse, Cockatoo, Butterfly, Duck Decoy, Trotting Horse, Pig, Spinning Wheel, Clock, Chair, Pitcher, Churn, Wash Tub, Hot Air Balloon, Sailboat, Nautilus, Quilt Start I & II, ABC Blocks, Rattle, Oil Lantern, Tulip, Unicorn, Balloons, Lilac in a Basket, Fruits, Veggies, Stained Glass Window, Lace Heart, Heart 'n Flowers, Ribbon Lace, Dove, Singing Angel, Candy Cane, Holly Design, Christmas Tree, Flying Angel, Partridge in a Pear Tree, Camel, Ornaments, Wise Man, Geometrics, Chicken Scratch Alphabet, Small Alphabet.

    Book 13 - More Chicken Scratch

  • Includes:

  • Begging Dog, Kang-A-Roo, Circus Seal, Cuddly Kitten, Goose E. Gander, Quilt Layout, Medallion, Quilt Instructions, Quilt I, Puss in the Corner, Elephant, Quilt II, Hens & Chicks, House for Home Sweet Home, Flamingo, Heart in Heart, Teapot, Rex the Lion, Ted E. Bear, Pitcher with Basin, Borders, Crystal, Old Car, Owl, Turtle, Sunbonnet Sue, Overall Jim, Pineapple, Rooster, Rocking Horse, Laundry Bag, Lambie Pie, Hummingbird, Alley cat, Bunnies, Alphabet/Numbers.

    Book 15 - Even More Chicken Scratch

  • Includes:

  • Butterflies, Rooster Weathervane, Quilt Square, Lace Ribbon, Elephant, Windmill, Tall Ship, Daisy Field, Rose, Cherries, Chicken on a Stick, Panda, Dogwood, Camellia, Morning Glory, Rainbow Row, Log Cabin, Squirrel, Train, Paper Dolls, Musket, Ducks in a Row, Mini Car, 18 Wheeler, Conch Shell, Sailboats, Small Windmill, Coffee Set, Telephone, Soda, Horn, Anchor, Pear, Dutch Girl, Mallard, Grapes, Apple, Hand Towel, Magnolia.

    Book 16 - Chicken Scratch for All Occasions

  • Includes:

  • Winter - Snowflake, Large Bells, Small Snowman, Large Snowman, Leah's Crystal, Triple Heart, Hearts and Flowers, Flower Heart, Pierced Heart, Valentine Hearts, Shamrock Sampler, Spring - Birdhouse, Chick, Easter Eggs, Pink Luncheon Set, Confederate Flag, Orchid, Violets, Rose, Summer-Fishing Boy, Swan, American Flag, Seahorse, Fall - Indian Corn, Ghost, Black Cat, Bat, Turkey, Cornucopia, Hammer, Dog, Clown, Stork, Alphabet, Teneriffe Pillow, Ribbon Tree, Topiary Trees, Deer, Patchwork Stockings, Christmas Placemats, Holly, Angel with Candle, Joy Stocking, Elves Boot, Toy Soldier, Sachets, Ornaments, Clothing Decoration Ideas.
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