Phyllis Berry Wooten

In February of 1983 I was busy as a full-time college student trying to put myself through school and decided to check on a part-time job at a company named Pegasus. Well, my first thought was what is a Pegasus and what do they do anyway? I would have never believed anyone in a million years if they had told me that I would still be with Pegasus today. I started part-time and after graduating from college continued working full-time thinking all along it was a temporary thing and 12 years later I'm still here!

Things have definitely changed over the years though! When I first started working for Pegasus, the living room in Jim and Stephanie's home was also the art department. Their daughter Leah had not started school yet and she was always wanting to be my little helper! Now the art department is in the Pegasus office building and Leah is grown and in college.

After doing ads and charting and book layouts I thought, I could do that, I'll try my hand at designing too. Well I can't say that I'd brag about my first attempts but eventually I did well enough that with one of my royalty checks I bought something I had wanted for 22 years (my entire life then!), my beloved horse Image! Thank you to everyone who bought one of my books or kits!

Many other things have happened along the way in my personal life while working at Pegasus. The biggest event being the day that God blessed me with the birth of my twins, Kristen and Colton. It was the most exciting day of our lives for my husband Craig and me and there hasn't been a dull moment since! At first I didn't know if I'd be able to continue working at Pegasus but somehow both Pegasus and I managed. Nowadays, my life in one word is hectic at best. Besides the twins and work, Craig and I still try to keep up the farm on the side. We have the kids, the cows, the horses, the dogs, the goats, the cats, the chickens, the ducks etc. to keep up with. I try not to whine too much about it though because I realize even now that one day I'll look back and long for just one of these crazy days. And I wouldn't trade my crazy life with anyone else for anything in the world!

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