Patricia Rowe Dukes

I came to work at Pegasus Originals, Inc., in 1984 as a part time employee to help catch up with correspondence and general office tasks. Eleven years later I'm Production Coordinator, framer, type-setter, designer and the "ask Pat, she'll do anything" person! And I wouldn't trade one minute of it! So how did an Ohio city girl who had never even heard of counted cross stitch end up in rural South Carolina as a cross stitch designer? Well - my husband and I moved here in connection with his job in 1979. I was breeding and showing Chow Chow dogs and ran across Stephanie Hedgepath at local dog activities. We got to be friends and that's how I ended up working at Pegasus.

I'm 46, a new horse owner of 4 years involved with a horse sport called three day eventing which combines dressage, cross country jumping and show jumping. I have a 5 year old Appaloosa gelding named "Gandy Dancer" and four chows "Picollo", "Kami", "Nicki" and "Poppie". At any given time if you look in my beloved Chevy pickup truck you'll find (among other things) a horse halter and lead, riding helmet and gloves, carrots, dog leash, brush and dog biscuits, a fairly representative collection of DMC floss, at least one cross stitch design (sometimes more) in some stage of development and a half read book (usually fiction, maybe Pat Conroy, Dean Koontz, Stuart Woods or Jonathan Kellerman, or nonfiction horse related like "Riding Is The Art of Keeping the Horse Between You and The Ground"). Heaven forbid that I should get stuck somewhere and not have a book to read or design to work on.

People ask if I had any art training. Nope. None at all. In fact, I would have always considered myself to be totally non-artistic. I do like color and texture and I love charted design because it allows anyone to "paint a masterpiece with needle and floss on blank fabric". I also had never touched a computer and now have two of them running in my office at all times and one of them at home. I consider myself to be so blessed in marriage (25 years to a fine person), in work (doing what I love with people I love) and with my animals (who help me to feel complete). If I have one complaint in life it is that 24 hours in a day is certainly not sufficient to do all of the interesting and fun things that there are to do and still have time for a hot bath, a brownie and cup of tea!

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